Aha! Interjections and the Other Parts of Speech

Diane Bulan

Parts of speech are the building blocks for every sentence we say and write. Knowing how they work together helps us become clear and effective
communicators. Led by long-time KCYA teaching artist Diane Bulan, students will learn these grammar essentials by playing fun and engaging improvisational games.


To schedule this program please contact us at 816-531-4022 or by email at booknow@kcya.org




Grade Levels: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Fees: $127 single, $109 each for 2 or more on the same day / The break between workshops must not exceed 90 minutes to receive the reduced rate. Title 1 Schools may qualify for funding assistance.

Maximum Audience Size: 30

Program Length: 45 minutes

Location: At Your School

Requirements: Approximately 10 x 20 area for stage, can be anywhere from classroom to a gym. Whiteboard if available. Teachers must be present at all times during workshop.

Curriculum Connections: