Weather on the Move: Professional Development

Moving MattersKC - Harlan Brownlee

Combining his training as a pilot and a choreographer, Harlan Brownlee leads you through an interactive exploration of weather that you can take back to your classroom.  Learn strategies that relate motions of the body and elements of dance to the structure of the earth’s atmosphere, cloud formations, and the dynamic exchanges of heat and pressure that create wind and weather conditions.  This seminar was developed in association with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.


Please wear comfortable clothes for movement! 


To schedule this program please contact us at 816-531-4022 or by email at


Grade Levels: Teachers

Fees: $600 / customized seminars (fees & lengths) are available on request

Maximum Audience Size: 30

Availability: Year-round

Program Length: 3 hours

Requirements: Large, cleared space; chairs arranged in a semi-circle; projector that's compatible with PC HDMI connection; screen or wall for projector; access to electrical outlet for PC & projector; flip chart & markers; handouts for participants.