REcycle Show

Vodvill Entertainment

 REduce, REuse, and REcycle in a REdiculous way! Our goofy garbage man describes the wonderful world of trash with wacky inventions, circus arts, music, and interactive games. The REcycle Show focuses on the REasons for conserving our REsources, overpopulation, wasted energy, and consumer market demands. Through juggling and magic tricks, students will learn that they CAN make a difference by REducing, REusing, and REcycling. 


To book this program please contact us at 816-531-4022 or by email at


Grade Levels: 2,3,4,5

Fees: $340 single, $635 double / The break between performances must not exceed 90 minutes to receive the reduced rate. Title 1 Schools may qualify for funding assistance.

Maximum Audience Size: 250 students

Availability: Monday-Friday, October-May

Program Length: 45 minutes

Teacher Guide: The Recycle Show TPG

Requirements: Open floor space; four 3rd grade or older student volunteers. Teachers must be present at all times during performance.

Curriculum Connections: