How Many Stories in a Cupcake?

Joel Jenkins

A story is like a cupcake: for a satisfying treat, the ingredients must be mixed together in the right proportions. Joel Jenkins shares a cupcake and the ingredients for making a story. From a vanilla farmer in Madagascar to a hometown baker, students learn to create engaging stories.


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Grade Levels: 2,3,4

Fees: $127 single, $109 each for 2 or more on the same day; Materials Fee: $1 per student / The break between workshops must not exceed 90 minutes to receive the reduced rate. Title 1 Schools may qualify for funding assistance.

Maximum Audience Size: 30

Availability: Tues & Thurs: 9-2pm / Mon, Wed. & Fri 10am-2pm

Program Length: 50 minutes

Teacher Guide: How many stories_TPG

Requirements: A chalkboard or dry erase board; chalk or markers

Curriculum Connections: